Animals in Shinneyboo Creek

Animals in Shinneyboo Creek
Animals in Shinneyboo Creek

There are many animals that live in the Shinneyboo Creek and one can find species that are never seen in a zoo place. The animals live in their natural environment and others of them are endangered species list due to careless hunting and poaching. Most of the animals found on earth are wild animals and their natural habitat is the forest like in the Shinneyboo Creek. Here are the famous animals that lives in Shinneyboo Creek.


The Moose is the largest family of deer. Their range includes most of Canada, however the truth is the Moose population of North America is declining rapidly. Moose are herbivores and they eat almost 10,000 calories per day with their lower incisors. Many visitors flock to Shinneyboo Creek to see if they can catch a glimpse of them, but you’re not guaranteed a sighting of any of the 2,000 Moose that live in the 2,000sqm Park!


Wolverine are looks like a small bear, but they are more closely related to the family called Mustelidae (weasels). They are muscular carnivore and has a reputation for ferocity that has been known to kill prey many times their size. Wolverine are very opportunistic and will scavenge on the carcasses of huge animals.The successful wolverine males form lifetime partnerships with 2 or 3 females they visit occasionally! You will find them in a huge forests and are in their biggest numbers in Canada, but you are be very lucky to spot one of these here in Shinneyboo Creek.

Grey Jay

The grey jay is found in all of Canada’s territories or in provinces. They have thick, fluffy feathers that even cover their feet and legs. This helps keep them warm when the cold weather is coming. The grey jay always look out for their food. Their diets ranges from berries and small amphibians, insects and even small birds. During the in the hot weather, the grey jay keep some food in the trees. They uses their sticky saliva to attach the food behind the tree’s bark. So, they can enjoy a meal even in the summer.

Giant Canadian Goose

It is really great to see these kind of birds in flight gracing the skies. These Goose have strong family bonds and they also return to their natal homes to nest. Goose are one of seven recognized species and they are the largest bird in the world and weighing up to 20lb! Their have black heads and neck with the white chinstrap recognize them from all other goose species. Keep a watchful eye on the skies in in Shinneyboo Creek for these.


Marmots are the largest family of the squirrel and they like to live in burrows. Marmots are one of the rarest animals in the world, but thanks to conservation efforts, there are now around 250-300 of them living on 28 mountains and you can also find it in Shinneyboo Creek.
Marmots are herbivores and they eat 30 species of food plants. They hibernate in 210 days of the year from late Sept to April or early May. This marmot is large compared to other marmots and there are three other marmot species found in Canada.

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