Trees in Shinneyboo Creek

Trees in Shinneyboo Creek
Trees in Shinneyboo Creek

Trees can relax and help us to connect in nature and to our surroundings. Here are some guide to help you recognize and name some of the more common trees in Shinneyboo Creek.

Spruce Tree

The Spruce tree has needles not in leaves and they grow coast to coast such in Shinneyboo Creek. We have more Spruce trees in Shinneyboo Creek than any other species.

Pine Tree

The Pine trees have needles, not in leaves, and they drop lots of pine cones. Pine trees are the third most common tree in Shinneyboo Creek. Did you know? Pine needles can make a nice tea!

White Spruce Tree

This hearty tree covers with its beautiful short needles. You know it is a spruce as also short and the spruce start with an “S”. And it known for having a very complex root system, while the White Spruce can find water in common conditions and it is able to weather droughts well. Curiously, and this is the most northern tree found in place of Canada. It reaches all the way to the Mackenzie Delta. However, the White Spruce is considered exotic in the UK and they farmed it for decorations. Why not just go outside in Shinneyboo Creek and enjoy a real forest of these gems?

Red Oak Tree

You will only find this tree in a small swath of lower Eastern Canada, also the provincial tree of Prince Edward Island, which the tip of the northern range for this kind of species. You can also head down to the Shinneyboo Creek and you will see Red Oaks everywhere. However, red oak is a premier wood for building and furniture, so it is regularly under threat from logging. The acorns that fall from the Red Oak will not arrange until they have been exposed to 4C for 3 straight in months making the Red Oak a truly wonderful tree!

Eastern White Cedar Tree

The Eastern White Cedarknown as the “tree of life,” it provides foods and shelter to deer, small mammals and even birds. Some people used the leaves to treat scurvy. Today, we use cedar leaf oil in perfumes and medicines.

Rocky Mountain Fir

Rocky Mountain Fir is also known as the Subalpine Fir, it is ranges from halfway up the Yukon to the border of the US and it covers most of the British Columbia. This tree is usually the type of tree that used as Christmas trees in Canada. Other used for paper, however, this tree is highly susceptible to climate change. Historically, some of the First Nation’s will boiled the Rocky Mountain Fir and they use it to help their hair grow.

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple is also one of the ten maple species in Shinneyboo Creek and it is native to Quebec and Ontario. The Sugar is one of the largest Maples trees and provides the distinct leaves that is found on Canada’s flag. In the spring, most of people harvest the Sugar Maple’s sap for sugar and syrup. This is truly an amazing tree.

Trees have played an important role in human life and also in Animals. It support the lives of many living things in earth, that’s why many of people are take care of these beautiful trees.

Here some tree service companies take care of the trees in shinneyboo creek as they are very important for the natural habitat of the land.You can see the local listing of one of them in Red Deer here.

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