Why should we protect the Trees in Shinneyboo Creek?

Protect the Trees in Shinneyboo Creek
Why should we protect the Trees in Shinneyboo Creek?

Forests are our land’s plants and trees that cover a most of the earth’s surface that symbolized by the color green in the most definition of our environmental. There are more reasons why forests are an important feature for the environment in our daily lives that we should protect such in Shinneyboo Creek Trees. They are fundamental life forms and gives for the continuity of the world’s biodiversity which is important for economic development, human livelihood, diversity of life forms and environmental adaptive responses.

Shinneyboo Creek Tree is important because they regulate the water cycle, stabilize climate, and provides habitat to all of life forms. Below are the leading reasons signifying why we need to protect the trees in Shinneyboo Creek.

Shinneyboo Creek Trees are habitats to many of animals and support numerous ecosystems there. About most of all earth’s species live in there. Animals such as lizards, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, insects, birds, butterflies, alligators, and monkeys and other wild animals such as leopards and lions all live in the Shinneyboo Creek or within the rivers and streams in the areas.

However, these animals form their food chains in this area by interacting with each other in their respective physical environments which make an ecosystem. A healthy ecosystems are critical for the flourishing of the living animal. Many more of people are lives in the Shinneyboo Creek and depend on them for survival.

Protects Watershed Areas

Shinneyboo Creek  is one of act as watershed regions since, approximately all the water merely comes from there derived water tables and from within the lakes, rivers, and streams in the areas. Streams and rivers running through there are protected from sun’s radiation and even drying by the forest cover. Many other forest areas around the world is also serve as significant watershed areas.

Purifies the Air

Shinneyboo Creek also play an important role in the purification of the atmospheric air especially in the near areas. When the days come, plants and trees absorb the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and provide oxygen. As like, they help in the purification of the air that we breathe every day.  It also provide as an instrumental tool for lessening the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the all environment which are responsible for the global warming.

Regulates the Water Cycle

It also regulate the natural cycle of subsequent condensation and water evaporation and precipitation as rain. It make this possible by redistributing and absorbing rainwater equally across the whole geographical coverage, which is commonly termed as water economy. It also absorb enough amounts of water from runoff and pass it down into the aquifers and replenishing groundwater supplies.

Supports Biodiversity

It also serve as reserves for the genes of our biodiversity. This is why forests carry about most of all the earth’s species, both animals and plants, thereby making up a diversity of animals and plants life forms in the several forest habitats. It also support biodiversity by giving enabling environments where various animals and plants can easily thrive. Shinneyboo Creek also support the life of some of the endangered species.

There are some tree service companies that take care of these to protect the individual trees of Shinneyboo Creek and to make sure that the urban forest cover of the areas is protected.

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